Only 150+ years ago, the first photographic images were created. The miracle of this art form does not lie with any one photographer. The credit still belongs to the artists long before the camera. They had the visions and mastered the incredible ability to recreate it on canvas, paper, out of stone or on it or any other material or surface that would take an image. Since then, much has happened in the world. Photographers are the most recent recipients of technology. With the tools (still and video cameras, film or digital) becoming more sophisticated everyday, it is hard to even imagine being without them. Some of the finest photography today can come from a cardboard throw away or a digital camera. The best camera to have is simply the one in your hands at the moment of capture. Equipment arrogance has always been for the tech, not the artist. Especially in todayís rapidly changing world of electronics, you donít get married to the equipment. Donald W Elliott has been photographing, filming and videotaping it for many years and has a great deal of respect for the art and subject. Not every minute of those years were spent on photography and not all of the nearly 3/4 million images he has taken are suitable for vertical viewing upon the Steinway. This does mean, however, that the inventory is massive and one can find something of interest without much digging. From the birth of a child to those who wrangle crocodiles.

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